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New Handmade Pretty Stuff @ Gypsy Path

Hello, I'm new here. I'm Scottish but I live in Wales in the UK. I'm currently too sick to work a 9-5 and crafting jewellery was therapy for me at first, but then the house was becoming overrun by my creations! I tried Ebay at first but found it to be a rip-off with fees.
Then Gypsy Path was born.
I make my own beaded and ribbon jewellery. Everything on the site is made by me.
I do post examples of my stuff to a couple of non-selling craft sites.
Bellow is a link to my web shop. Enjoy

Clicky Clicky on the add for a look at my new range of funky print chokers, sparkling charm bracelets and surf bracelet & choker sets.


Remember, I take commissions, there have been a few lately. I've been making an effort to finally photograph the custom work I've done and am currently working on a gallery to display this so you can see what we've undertaken and what materials we have.

NB: Most commissions are one-offs and cannot be duplicated exactly.
I'm happy to make items to fit specific wrist/neck sizes.

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